About Us

Welcome to Byo Express' Women Fashion and Jewelries Online Store. This entity is a premium leader in women's fashion and jewelries.  This entity was derived from the determination and vision of a single mother effort in providing for her young children and her nieces and nephews, by providing the very best in female fashion and jewelries. The business is named after Byo, her sister, who died from cancer in Africa and left her young children to her sister to be care for.

Moreover, this has been a life-long dream from the heart. All female have the right to feel the love and affection from wearing our fabrics and jewelries.  Byo Express is the emerging trends in the sales of the latest female fashion, and the most beautiful jewelries in the world.  Our very special and never seen before valuable, custom collectible jewelries are from Africa, India, Europe, China and other parts of the globe.  When you wear our products, no doubt, you will know its the latest in female clothing and jewelries because our products are unique and different.  Female fashion is all about celebrating the beauty of the female gender through exquisite taste and styles of premium quality fashion.  We want each female to feel special. Byo Express' Women Fashion and Jewelry Online Store have preference because of our dynamic vision in female fashion. Combined with our expeditious shipping and timely customer service, we are a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.